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Veterans Day

Remembrance Poppy

On this Veterans Day, Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day we want to thank each and every one of you who have served with your country’s armed forces. I had three grandparents in World War Two, my father’s farther was a instrument flight instructor for B-25 Mitchel bombers in the US Army Air Corp, my father’s mother was in the Women’s Army Air Corps as an air traffic controller, and my mother’s father was a training instructor for African American troops learning to be clerical aids for officers, company clerks, and similar rolls. While none of them saw a combat theater all played an important roll in making sure the war machine was well prepared. My farther service in the US Army as a journalist in Vietnam and was awarded the Bronze Star.

So today on this cold and blustery Veterans Day I give thanks not only to those who have lost their lives in combat but also those men and women behind the scene who gave it everything they had.

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