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Harold F. Pitcairn Wings of Freedom Museum

Harold Pitcairn and Amelia Earhart. When you mention these names, and museums, you think of the National Air and Space Museum.  However, there is a museum that also celebrates these Aviation greats and other heroes.  Located on PA State Route 611, otherwise known as Easton Road, is the Harold F. Pitcairn Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum.   The Wings of Freedom Museum is run by the DVHAA, the Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Association.

The DVHAA grew out of the Willow Grove Historical Aircraft Association. In 1972, the association decided they needed to work on restoring a collection of Aircraft that were rusting away in a small viewing area on the 611 highway.  The collection of Aircraft had their beginnings when Lt. Commander David Ascher rescued Axis and Allied aircraft from being scrapped.   Ascher was a man ahead of his time.  While most of those Aircraft are no longer part of the Museum, that doesn’t detract from what is currently there. Read More…