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Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

CosmosphereThe Cosmosphere is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution and has three primary missions:

  • Museum
  • Education & Camps
  • Restoration & Replication

During this blog post we will be covering only the Museum portion of their mission.

Located in Hutchinson, Kansas, the Cosmosphere is a shining star of what you can find in small town America. Outside the Cosmosphere is their rocket garden containing a Titan II rocket used in the Gemini program and a Mercury-Redstone rocket. Greeting you as you walk in is an SR-71, full-scale mock-up of Space Shuttle Endeavour, and T-38 Talon. On the first floor of the museum are a digital 4K dome theater, education and training rooms, the gift shop, and the concession stand. Read More…

Spytacular Tweetup at the Cosmosphere

Spytacular BadgeFirst for those of you who don’t know what is a Tweetup, it is an event organized by people with a like interest or organizations in order to share a common experience and communicate that experience to others. The name comes from the use of the social network Twitter. One of the largest aerospace users of Tweetups has been NASA Originally called a NASA Tweetup they have recently renamed them to NASA Social due to the use of other social media networks such as Face Book, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

The main draw for this tweet up was the gathering of SR-71 Blackbird crew at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center where the crews gave talks and hung out under the SR-71 answering questions from the public. Read More…