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About Us

Aeroseums’s goal is to provide you with relevant information in regards to aviation and space museums, exhibits, and historical markers. Pilot & aviation enthusiasts run Aeroseums for the like minded. The Aeroseums team has been involved in the aviation community for decades, from attending and working for air shows to visiting aviation museums though out the United States and Europe.

At this time we have the blog and Twitter account up and active. We are in progress of collecting a tremendous amount of data about museums and historical sites across the United States; our plan is to go international after the launch of the primary site.

We want to bring you the highest level of information so if there is something you would like to see please let us know. With your input and participation we can as a community grow this site.

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About the Contributors

Sam Wiltzius is a private pilot, aviation photographer and videographer. He has been attending air shows and visiting aviation museums yearly since 1987. Sam is an IT Manager for a graphic design and marketing firm in Wisconsin.

Jordan Anderson is an instrument rated pilot. Jordan is a business intelligence consultant for a Midwest based company.