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Community Support

The aviation community is something that I have gotten to know well over the past years volunteering at EAA AirVenture and working on my pilot license. Every aviation event and museum I have attended I have come away a richer individual. The community is full of people who are some of the most enthusiastic and passionate people I have run into and they are just love spreading the joy of aviation. Aeroseums comes in as a place to show you the work of the passionate people who care for our aviation museums. Without community support these museums would fade away. Everyday thousands of volunteers work in the hundreds of aviation museums around the world trying to keep history alive. From telling stories of yesteryear, turning a wrench, wiring up an exhibit, to organizing a fund drive community is what makes these places tick. Be it a large museum with hundreds of paid employees or the small museum with two or three, they all rely on a community of volunteers and evangelists to keep the lights on and the doors open.

Aeroseums wants you to be part of this community. If you have the opportunity please do volunteer. However we know that not everyone has the time or availability or the distance is too far to volunteer, so do the next best thing. Become a member. Being a member of a museum or historical organization helps them with the funding they need to keep those lights on and doors open. Additionally you normally get some benefits out of it as well, such as free entry, invitations to events, newsletters, and more. So reach out, volunteer, attend events, or join your local museum or historical organization, slip an extra buck or two into the donation jar. Who knows you might get to know some amazing people or worse yet learn something new.

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  • Cwiltzius

    That is very touching. So much of value depends on volunteers doing the hard work. And getting the vast rewards